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No PhD. No theories. No ivory tower. Just years of experiencing life, that includes abandonment, sexual assault, and brutal episodes of maternal violence. Later in life grappling with the irony of being part of a spiritual community that espouses love and righteousness while simultaneously betraying those values.
Meet Mike Donahue

People change when they connect with each other on the deepest level.

My life experiences have provided an opportunity to connect with people who have been through abusive situations. We will be addressing these issues:

Emotional Abuse

Physical & Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can cause significant psychological distress. Constant criticism, humiliation, and belittling can lead to low self-esteem and a negative self-image. Emotional abuse is a significant risk factor for the development of anxiety and depression. The constant stress and emotional turmoil can take a toll on mental health.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can have profound and lasting effects on individuals, impacting them emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. It’s important to note that individuals may respond differently to such experiences, and the effects can vary in intensity.

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse

Healing from spiritual abuse often involves seeking support from mental health professionals, engaging in self-reflection, and finding a supportive community that respects individual autonomy and well-being. Recognizing the signs of spiritual abuse and addressing it early can be crucial for the healing process.


Because the law is clear about separating church and state, Mike Donahue does not and will not bring a religious message into public schools. Some speakers will use the opportunity they have when they are presenting to a school to “bait and switch”, marketing to a school that they have a secular message, but once they are in front of the students, they make statements that promote their personal faith choice. Although this website contains religious content, Mike believes that faith is a private choice, and he will not promote his faith in public schools.


New Book Coming Soon


“Groomed” tells the story of how a shocking incident of maternal violence propelled Mike Donahue on a unique faith journey into the heart of some of America’s largest megachurches.

Offering a behind-the-scenes view of some of America’s best-known and most controversial pastors, Mike’s lived experience unveils disturbing parallels between sex traffickers’ manipulative grooming practices and the Evangelical Church’s recruitment methods.

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Here's what school administrators, teachers, parents & students are saying about Mike's message.

"I was blown away by the instant rapport he had with even our toughest-to-reach students...His expertise and insight in creating and maintaining a healthy social climate, quite literally changed our school and community."

Patrick G. Hruz

Retired High School Principal, Middletown Area Schools, Pennsylvania

"During my 30 years as an educator, I have had the pleasure of working with some of education’s brightest minds, and Mike Donahue ranks as one of the very best youth communicators I have ever encountered."

Laurie J. Kjosness, Ed.S.

Support Services Coordinator, Yuma School District, Colorado

"Mike’s insight and expertise at knowing what the root issues were with teenagers was instrumental in our success in stemming the tide of methamphetamine use in our State. Whatever Mike Donahue writes about connecting to teenagers will be worth reading."

Tom Osborne

Former US Congressman, 3rd District of Nebraska