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Resources for Students from Mike Donahue

“Mike Donahue is the real deal. We bring Mike to our church consistently because there is no one that I have ever met, that produces the responses from teenagers and their parents like Mike does. Mike speaks from a heart of empathy and connectiveness that is remarkable to watch. Even though his book, Talking to Brick Walls is not a religious book, we promote it in our church because, as a pastor, this book has given me the confidence to engage with students in my life and work to get behind their walls and listen to their heart. I highly recommend bringing Mike into your church, they won’t forget him.”

Dr. Kelly Goins

Faith Church, Tulsa, OK

“I love when Mike Donahue speaks at our church! His messages are always fresh and relevant to what is going on in our world. I’ve tried to hire him several times, but he’s got this school thing going on. Lol.”

Pastor Jeff Baker

New Life Church, Kearney, NE


Because the law is clear about separating church and state, Mike Donahue does not and will not bring a religious message into public schools. Some speakers will use the opportunity they have when they are presenting to a school to “bait and switch”, marketing to a school that they have a secular message, but once they are in front of the students, they make statements that promote their personal faith choice. Mike Donahue is a man of faith but believes that is a private choice, and he will not promote his faith in public schools.