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Create a Positive Culture in Your School

“Students who feel emotionally and socially safe, are much more likely to engage in their own learning process.” — Mike Donahue

On a mission to amplify value in every student and help create a positive culture in our schools, Mike Donahue has spoken live to over 1 million students in 2,500 schools on 4 continents.

For over 25 years, Mike and the Value Up team have partnered with teachers, administrators, and parents to help create and maintain healthy, emotionally safe school environments. Combining humor and heart, Mike speaks to the students in a way that resonates with what matters to THEM and brings them into a collective agreement about respect, diversity and the value of others in their school community.

We know that every school is unique, so we take the time to find out what your needs are and then formulate a presentation that addresses your needs, specific to your school.

Value Up - Motivational School Assembly Program

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What people are saying about about Mike and his message.

“The late Kobe Bryant once said, 'If you see me fighting with a bear, pray for the bear.' That is exactly how I feel about Mike Donahue. I have never known him to back down from a fight, and he is always fighting for the right things.”

Chad Bishoff

Writer, Director, Producer

“My brother Michael and I lived in the same home in Weymouth, Massachusetts, but we didn't have the same experiences. While most of my pain happened outside the home, my brother endured a lot of trauma and abuse in the place that should have been safe for him. What he has been able to do in spite of what he endured is truly remarkable, and I am proud of him.”

David Donahue

Real Estate Developer

"Mike has a way of peeling away the layers to the truth that hit to the very core. He is a dynamic speaker, pragmatic Christian, and above all, a devoted and faithful friend. His journey is raw and reveals the underpinnings of organizations that nearly destroyed him. His ability to tell his story will hit home, no matter what your path has been."
Dr. Sarah Murray

Superintendent/7-12 Principal, Eastern Allamakee Schools, Lansing, IA