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Create a Positive Culture in Your School

“Students who feel emotionally and socially safe, are much more likely to engage in their own learning process.” — Mike Donahue

On a mission to amplify value in every student and help create a positive culture in our schools, Mike Donahue has spoken live to over 1 million students in 2,500 schools on 4 continents.

For over 25 years, Mike and the Value Up team have partnered with teachers, administrators, and parents to help create and maintain healthy, emotionally safe school environments. Combining humor and heart, Mike speaks to the students in a way that resonates with what matters to THEM and brings them into a collective agreement about respect, diversity and the value of others in their school community.

We know that every school is unique, so we take the time to find out what your needs are and then formulate a presentation that addresses your needs, specific to your school.

Value Up - Motivational School Assembly Program

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Here's what school administrators, teachers, parents & students are saying about Mike's message.

"I was blown away by the instant rapport he had with even our toughest-to-reach students...His expertise and insight in creating and maintaining a healthy social climate, quite literally changed our school and community."

Patrick G. Hruz

Retired High School Principal, Middletown Area Schools, Pennsylvania

"During my 30 years as an educator, I have had the pleasure of working with some of education’s brightest minds, and Mike Donahue ranks as one of the very best youth communicators I have ever encountered."

Laurie J. Kjosness, Ed.S.

Support Services Coordinator, Yuma School District, Colorado

"Mike’s insight and expertise at knowing what the root issues were with teenagers was instrumental in our success in stemming the tide of methamphetamine use in our State. Whatever Mike Donahue writes about connecting to teenagers will be worth reading."

Tom Osborne

Former US Congressman, 3rd District of Nebraska