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Talking to Brick Walls by Mike Donahue

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Talking to Brick Walls

The common thought is that when a child turns thirteen, they stop wanting to talk to their parents about their personal lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn More ›

Talking to Brick Walls is the best book I have ever read on learning to listen and respond to your child as a parent, or your student as a teacher…This book is a game changer and a must read for every teacher and every parent with children who are still attending school.”

Darrell Scott, Founder of Rachel’s Challenge

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Reinventing My Normal by Mike Donahue

Reinventing My Normal

Life can throw us a curve ball now and then. This book will help you make sense out of your life after you “normal” changes.

Value Up by Mike Donahue

Value Up

We live in a world that assigns value based on performance. Knowing and believing your true value is one of the most important things about you.
Hidden Scars by Mike Donahue

Hidden Scars

Emotional pain is a difficult thing to manage. Hidden Scars will help you organize the barrage of feelings that may be overwhelming you right now.